Anderson Cooper,我最喜欢的CNN主播

我最喜欢的CNN主播,Anderson Cooper.耶鲁大学高材生,父亲是著名作家Wyatt Emory Cooper,母亲则来自著名的Vanderbilt家族。

说起来Anderson Cooper家庭还是挺不幸的,11岁的时候父亲心脏病去世,21岁的时候哥哥自杀。可是Anderson也是有着相当强硬性格的人,17岁的时候去非洲 野外生存数月,在肯尼亚因为感染疟疾还病倒了。在耶鲁大学主修政治学期间,在中情局实习两个暑假,最后因为哥哥自杀的事决心要当一名记者:”Loss is a theme that I think a lot about, and it’s something in my work that I dwell on. I think when you experience any kind of loss, especially the kind I did, you have questions about survival: Why do some people thrive in situations that others can’t tolerate? Would I be able to survive and get on in the world on my own?”

求职不利,竟然只在ABC公司做小小的电话接线员。 Anderson显然呆不住,就在朋友的帮助下伪造了媒体证自己跑去报道缅甸反政府运动⋯⋯而后的职业生涯中,辗转多处战地进行报导,面对死亡几乎麻木。 他自己曾说,在卢旺达大屠杀中看到地上躺了十几个尸体,”I would see a dozen bodies and think, you know, it’s a dozen, it’s not so bad.”一直到有一天,当他在路边看到曝晒多日的5具尸体,其中一个女人手上 的皮已经开始剥落,像手套一样。他感到一种死亡的魅力,于是摸出相机拍照存在自己的私人像册里,却发现旁边有别人在拍他。之后,这个人拿照片给他看,对他 说“你应该看看你在干什么⋯⋯” 他突然意识到,该停止这种生活了,必须提醒自己抽离。(On the side of the road [Cooper] came across five bodies that had been in the sun for several days. The skin of a woman’s hand was peeling off like a glove. Revealing macabre fascination, Cooper whipped out his disposable camera and took a closeup photograph for his personal album. As he did, someone took a photo of him. Later that person showed Cooper the photo, saying, “You need to take a look at what you were doing.” “And that’s when I realized I’ve got to stop, […] I’ve got to report on some state fairs or a beauty pageant or something, to just, like, remind myself of some perspective.”)



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